spell to get my ex back now

This spell will make your lost love come back to your life immediately.

For it to work, some particular ingredients you need to prepare are 3 red roses, a bowl, salt, and water.

The first thing to do is to remove all petals from the roses; then, scatter them one by one in the bowl having freshwater and salt inside. While dropping the petals, remember to make a prayer to God beg him to bring your ex boyfriend back in your life. If you want the spell to manifest, please keep a strong faith to your intention and the stay positive during a session.

Keep chanting “My dearest (say the name of your lover or husband), you’ve left for too long, now it’s time to come back to me and stick with me forever.

With this simple love spell without ingredients, the key is to visualization. Stay calm and imagine the scenery of how you want your relationship with him and how you expect him to treat you.

The bring back ex love spell should be performed on a Crescent moon night – do it correctly and you will soon sense the success.

spell to get my ex back now